“Reedition” printing

Developed by Zuber, this technique combines hand and mechanical printing, water and solvent environment.
Hand-brushing of the backgrounds, screen or inkjet printing, screen printed gilding, finish, ageing, handmade patinas, embossing, …

This combination of complex processes has a high cost price, which limits it to very special projects, in limited quantities, with many colours or a complicated layout.

(Reedition documents are pinpointed on the website, under “Products” as well as in the data sheets of the collections showcased in the Zuber showrooms.)

For exemple :

List of the different steps to print the wallpaper

ref. 4640 from the collection “Roses Anciennes” :

1- Hand-brushing of the background
2 - Inkjet printing
3 - Ageing process to creates cracks, by hand
4 - Varnishing, by hand
5 - Patina, by hand
6 - Backing on cotton calico
7 - Gold powder patina, by hand