The Hindustan (sepia with polychrome characters): complete scenery

Made in France

Standard catacteristics

· Number of lengths: 20
· Total height of lengths: 3,90 m
· Extreme height of design: 1,50 m
· Printing width; 0,67 m
· Total width of design: 13,70 m
· Repeat of panels 20 to 1


This scenery is sold in its entirety (lengths 1 to 20)
or in three separate scenes:
· lengths 1 to 7
· lengths 8 to 13
· lengths 14 to 20

Specials Caracteristics

This scenery is a reissue

Custom sizing and dimensions
Increasing or decreasing of design size
Redesigning of panel layout
Design modification
Over door panels
Custom printing in monochromatic/tonal
Printed on gold ground
Antique and patina finishes