Les vues de Suisse: lengths 9 to 16

Made in France

Standard catacteristics

· Number of lengths: 8
· Total height of lengths: 3,90 m
· Design width: 0,676 m
· Total width of design: 5,408 m
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As originally, the panoramic scenery "The views of Swiss" is still printed today "à la planche" with the 1024 antique woodblocks, carved in 1804 by the manufacturory's workers.

These boards are classified as Historical Monuments by the Ministry of Culture and are part of the French heritage.

The Zuber Manufactory is the last in the world to produce panoramic sceneries with woodblocks.

The perpetuation of this printing technique and the use of antique materials give Zuber's panoramic sceneries the status of a true work of art.

A certificate of authenticity will be given by the Zuber Manufactory.

Les vues de Suisse: lengths 9 to 16

Panoramic scenery printed with antique woodblocks classified as historical monuments